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Transition EP
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 by Steve

I enjoy live music very much, especially piano music because it has so much more depth and expression.
I look forward to more of your downloads, maybe something with more tempo, its great to have a diversity.

 by Andy
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I've just listened to Roksana's music in full for the very first time and have had the most beautiful hour. Exciting, dramatic and above all moving. I adored 'Transition', was lifted by 'Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence' and smiled tons through the delightful 'Butterfly Lullaby'. This is tremendously evocative and touching music by a genuine composer of the heart! Thank you for making my day!

 by Satish

I’m very new to piano music and I really enjoyed this album. Listening to it, you get the feeling that a lot of passion has been put into creating the music. The tracks blend in well with one another (my favourite is Transition) and I can't help having a feeling of calmness by the end of the album.

 by Mac
Moths night

Makes you think and wonder! Why is this piece titled moths night?
I try to imagine im a moth flying around a light and then try to relate and compare myself (as a moth of course) to the tune.
True music for the heart and mind. GREAT STUFF

 by Jordan
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Such a delight and pleasure to listen too.

We all can listen music with our ears, but not all music can be heard with the heart. The piano is a very distinctive instrument and has its very own charcteristics, i think this is why notes, tunes and melodies from it are so much more expressive and those who enjoy it can feel that much connected to it compared to other instruments.