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Roksana Wawrzyniecka
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 by Jamie Trentham
Lessons with Roksana

I have been taking lessons with Roksana for the last 3 years and I couldn't recommend her highly enough. I have learned how to read sight music confidently when I had only played by ear before, and have taken piano grade exams which I'd always avoided when I was younger. I've also performed for audiences at the regular concerts Roksana arranges which has helped my confidence playing in front of others (and even presenting to big groups at work!). I've also learned a lot from Roksana about music theory and composition and wrote my own piece to perform at the most recent concert, such an amazing experience! 🙂

 by Judith Silver
Lovely lessons...

I've been having lessons with Roksana since soon after we met by wonderful serendipity on a train to Brighton in September 2015. I find her instincts, skill and sensitivity as a teacher spot on (and I'm a teacher myself, so very tuned in to this!). She's managing to help me overcome some very old blocks to being able to play, and it's not an exaggeration to say this is a healing process as well as a very practical one. I'm very grateful to Roksana, love working with her and would highly recommend her to anyone.

 by Debbie
Piano Lessons

Roksana has been my piano teacher for 20 months and in that time I have gone from grade 1-3, which is testament to her wonderful teaching ability. She is fantastically encouraging and clearly an expert at helping you work through your weaknesses, which she does with humour and much patience. As others have mentioned she puts great focus on fundamentals - rhythm and sightreading and as she helps you improve in these areas you are imbued with confidence and enthusiasm, despite the inevitable frustrations! I have wanted to learn the piano for a long time and am so grateful to have found Roksana, she is a wonderful teacher who I highly recommend.

 by Taz

I had Roksana as my piano teacher for over a year. Unfortunately I had to give up for personal reasons, but I was very sad to do so. I had taken piano lessons in my hometown when I was much younger but never seemed to progress very far and I think the focus was too much on getting every note right. Roksana’s approach is different. She taught me to focus more on rhythm rather than accuracy, and hard though it is to begin with, after a while, the penny dropped and it made complete sense giving me courage to push the boundaries and just have fun with it rather than beating myself up over a wrong note here and there. She is so patient and cheerful and her obvious enthusiasm made me feel at the end of every lesson that I can do this!

 by Ash

My wife bought me piano lessons as a surprise gift for my birthday. (After extensive research on this forum). <br />
Truly one of the best gifts I've ever received. I was unable to read music and hadn't touched a piano for thirty years.(I'm forty now). Roksana has shown patience, diligence and experience. I'm now able to sight read and almost ready to sit my grade one after only four months. <br />
I would highly recommend Roksana to anyone who wants to learn the piano, novice or experienced player.

 by layo

I think I first heard about Roksana on this forum so I thought I'd chip in something back. I've been having lessons with Roksana for about 6 months now, not only have I learnt how to plonk some fingers on some keys and play a nice tune (WITH TWO HANDS :O), but my understanding of the fundamentals, of sight-reading and rhythmic control have grown immensely. I love music but years of treading water with other instruments (like guitar), left me despondent about playing music as a hobby. I was left feeling that understanding/playing music just 'wasn't for me'. However Roksana's focus on the importance of sight-reading, rhythm and phrasing pave the way for you to truly grow as a musician, no more of those 'brick wall' moments down the line because you've simply been memorizing but not understanding for months... Roksana is also extremely encouraging and thankfully also very patient. She intuitively understanding how to get the most from her students and can pick up your strengths and weaknesses very early on (for me for example? I naturally picked up sight-reading quite quickly, but my sense of rhythm is far from metronomic to say the least, so I am working extra hard on rhythmic exercises at the moment . My only regret is that I didn't start lessons earlier!

 by Soulking

I've been learning with Roksana now for about 5 months - starting from almost nothing - and I'm now contemplating doing the grade II exam shortly. She is an absolute pleasure to learn with. She is very encouraging and supportive, but also not afraid to point out where things need improvement! I really like her focus on the fundamentals - for example rhythm and sight reading. And as a few other people have already said; its never too late to learn - even if you are, as Roksana described me in our last lesson, "of a certain age"!

 by Lindsey C

I have just done my Grade 3 piano with only 3 months preparation, thanks to Roksana! She has been was really supportive, encouraging and fun. It is never too late to learn something new!!!

 by andymc

I contacted a few teachers I'd found on here - they were all really nice but Roksana got back to me first so I've been having lessons now for about 7 weeks. I can only echo what aimz33 says above - Roksana's an awesome teacher, very kind, very patient and most of all very fun to learn piano with! I actually ENJOY things I thought I'd hate like sight reading and rhythm practice. I'm 29 and wasn't sure how I'd find learning an instrument but Roksana has made it so enjoyable and I've made so much more progress than I had been when I'd just been relying on 'teach yourself' books. Last week I was so chuffed to have *almost* got to grips with this tune after just a few weeks: YouTube I'd completely recommend Roksana to anyone looking to learn!

 by aimz33

Roksana is a great teacher if you are an adult that wishes to learn to play the piano. She is kind, patience and is very good at spotting individual difficult and suggest helpful ways to overcome any problems. I have been having lessons for just over a year and I am proud to say I can sight read simple pieces confidently as well as play one or two pieces with both hands on the piano!! a GREAT achievement! All this could not have been achieved without her. Roksana is very flexible with lesson times and so it is easy to accommodate learning around a busy life style which was one of my concerns when thinking about taking up lesson.

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