If the Guardian Angel exists, mine is super busy ๐Ÿ™‚ so… first thank you to him/her just to have a good start.

So many people are helping me on a regular basis that it is hard to point out everyone who I would like to say thank you to!

I will try at least, although I am sure it is impossible.

Thank you to my family, especially my dad Bogdan Wawrzyniecki for unconditional love, believing in me and supporting me over many years.

Thank you to Alina Wawrzyniecka for cheering me up and supporting me when I have doubts.

Thank you to my spiritual sister Kitty Clay for support of our spiritual journey and love of music.

Thank you to Izabela Sawicka for the most incredible pictures in the whole universe.

Thank you to Marianna Kotuniak for inspiration and enthusiasm over all past years.

Thank you to Karolina Bruch and Alejandra Bedale for being there for me.

Thank you to Robert Wysoszynski for patience, support, creativity and amazing painting.

Thank you for piano inspiration to my favourite pianist in London city, John Crawford.

Thank you to Professor Bohdan Boguszewski and Piotr Klimek for inspiration.

Thank you to Taz Lodder for creating and maintaining my website.

The most special person who I would like to say thank you to is no longer on this planet, but she will be always present in my heart. Thank you to my mum Zdzislawa Wawrzyniecka and piano Professor Aleksy Kosenko.

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